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■ About Me

Born and graduated in Bandung, Cheztwo or Cheztitout (Cesarsyah) started his visual exploration on the streets. Creating his own graffiti style from scratch in 2006 he formed an graffiti collective artist called FAB (later extended to FAB Family) his desire to exploring the visual style takes him to overseas country and contributed in an international events such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia.


His exploration in by working in digital marketing agency expanded his visual exploration interest into motion graphic, website interaction, and as well as digital illustration that he called Visual Hack.


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  • Ttack
  • Dorathoughts
  • No Shiet
  • You Don’t Say
  • It’s On Like That
  • Wu-Tang Wednesday
  • Toy
  • Street Cred
  • Drive Slow
  • Years of Funk
  • Blast
  • Cllash